After Fall 2003



 from the office of the Credential Advisor in Art, 111Ayres Hall

Student’s Name   ________________   _____                                         SSN      _________________         Date       

Major     BA    60 semester units_____   Option  _48 semester units__Contact Person                                                                      

Total Number of Semester Units Required for Major_____                                  Expected Date of Graduation                             

    First Semester / intersession                            Second Semester / Summer                                  Comments    

  Art 001A      (GE area C1)                     3          Art 001B     Art History Survey             3              Refer to GE planning sheet.    

  Art 003A     Basic Drawing                   3          Art 003A    Basic Drawing                       3         *GE Area A2 and A4 must be

  Art 015A     Color Theory                     3          Art 015B       Design                                   3              completed with a C- or better.

  GE area   A*                                                 3          GE area  A*                                                     3                                                                                

  GE area   A*                                                 3          GE area  A*                                                     3                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                         Review Credential Program

 TOTAL UNITS                  15              TOTAL UNITS                                        15                 undergraduate prerequisites.


   Third Semester / intersession                            Forth Semester / Summer                          Comments                       Art 006     Beginning Ceramics                    3          Art 035 Sculpture or Art 036 Fibers   3        **Consider meeting the Ethnic and

Art 033      Beginning Painting            3          Art 038 Printmaking                                   3             Non-Western requirement  with GE.

GE  area  B                                                     3          GE  area  D**                                                   3                                                                               

GE  area  D**                                                 3          GE  area  E                                                       3                                                                               

Elective                                                     3     POLS 055 or HIST 050                            3       

                                                                                          Elective                                                                               3                                                             

     TOTAL UNITS                                  15             TOTAL  UNITS                                             18      


Fifth Semester / intersession                                Sixth Semester / Summer                          Comments    

Art  Studio Group                                       3          Art Studio Group                                           3       Choose 9 unit GE upper division theme.

Art 058 Computer Appl. in Fine Art  3         Art 207  Dev. Of Children’s Art              3                         Begin FBI clearance.

Art History Group  I or II                            3          GE area   C**                                                    3                         Early field experience,

GE area   B                                                     3          GE area   D**                                                    3                                (45 hours)

GE area   C**                                                 3          POLS 055 or HIST 050                             3                        

Art Elective                                          3  Elective                                                                                1                         Take and Pass CBEST.

     TOTAL                                                 18                                TOTAL                                            16          Apply to graduation by early deadline.


Seventh Semester / intersession                         Eighth Semester / Summer                                    Comments    

Art Studio Group                                        3          Art History Group I or II              3            Apply to student teaching program

Art 208  Dev of Adolescent Art          3          GE  Upper Division Theme                      3            at beginning of your last semester.

GE  Upper Division Theme                   3          Elective                                                                                3      

GE  Upper Division Theme                   3          Elective                                                                                3            Exit Portfolio review at beginning of

Elective                                                                             3          Elective                                                                                3            last semester.

Art Elective                                       3                                                                                                    40 upper division. Units required.

TOTAL                                                      18              TOTAL                                                              15         120  Total Units required for degree.

Units available for electives or minor: 19                                                                                                                                

Public Speaking, Computer Literacy, POLS 55 or155, ENGL 110, HCSV 261, and CLAD coursework must be successfully completed as prerequisites to the Single Subject Credential Program.