Art207: Group Lesson Plan


*The outline due date: by the end of class,

*Each group needs to make examples of the lesson before the date of your presentation

*Each group has about 45 min. (including preparation and cleaning time) to teach the lesson in class


1. Choose an age group to whom your group is to teach from the following:

(No more than 2 groups per age group)


1) Kindergarten   (Mon.):                            

2) 1st and 2nd G. (Wed.):   

3) 3rd and 4th G. (Mon.):    

4) 5th and 6th G. (Wed.):    

5) Other grades:


2. Make an appropriate lesson plan of teaching art to the age group based on the

following outline (1 page is for the summary of the artistic development and

1-2pages for the lesson):


1) Your group information

- Date of the presentation

- Lesson Title

- Age group for the particular lesson

- Course, Section, and Group number

- Full names of the group


2) Objectives (Students/children will learn c.)

3) Students Materials

4) Teachers Materials

5) Vocabulary (Important terms for the project)

6) Procedures (including introduction and closure)

7) Visual procedures (3-4 frames)

8) Comments/Suggestions


           *9) A brief summary of the artistic development in the age group

You may need to summarize the characteristics of artistic development in the age group based on the textbook (Chapter 5, pp.101 -112) and/or handouts of case study references.


*10) Cultural and/or historical background of the particular lesson

You may need to study cultural and historical backgrounds of the particular project on the textbook (Chapter 7: A Narrative Time Line of World Art, pp.153 – 212)


*Copy the final lesson plan (typed with visual information) to distribute to

 all students in class.


The Content/Order of Group Presentation


1.     The characteristics of artistic development in the age group


2.     The cultural and/or historical backgrounds of the particular lesson


3.     Studio activity:


1) *Introduction

(e.g. cultural and historical background of the art)

2)    Explanation of the activity

(e.g. the purpose of this project, students and teacher's materials)

3)    Demonstration with visual information

(e.g. actual artworks, step-by-step poster board, etc.)

4)    Closure

(e.g. review, criticism, and cleaning-up)


4.     Discussion about the lesson with other groups


*After the actual lesson in class, revise your lesson plan (or summarize)

based on suggestions and opinions from peers and give one copy of revised lesson plan and/or only comments and suggestions (typed) to the  instructor.