(2-D or 3-D book related to the artist in your research paper)


The purpose of this project is to integrate four principles - Art History, Aesthetics, Art Making, and Criticism - into children’s book based on the research paper of an artist whom you selected. Your children’s book should be the culmination of your knowledge and experience that you learned through this course. The content and material of the book should not be limited; however, the book should have at least ten pages including the front & back pages and pictures & story.



Consider ...


1.   Audience: decide the age level for whom you would like to

create the book.

         (e.g. kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and etc.)


2.   The purpose of the book: what would you like to say about

art particularly anyhow? (e.g. artist life, the characteristics of

the movement, subject, material, and etc.)


3. Story: how would you write a story to attract the particular age

    group of children based on the purpose of the book?


3.   Pictures: how many pictures do you have to create depending

on the content of story?


4.   Materials & Techniques: what kinds of art materials and

techniques would you like to use?

(e.g. pointillism by watercolor, acrylic painting, printmaking,

collage, etc.)