Art 207: Children’s Art

Research Paper

(Analytical Essay)


Length: 5 pages, double spaced, 12 point font (Times), plus at least 3 visual

Supplements (e.g. copies from published pictures or Internet)

Due:  The first class right after big break (such as Spring or Thanksgiving holiday)


*The following contents should be included in your research paper.

*Research paper should be developed based on APA (5th Ed.) writing style.



I.               Introduction

II.        Background


A.   Development: Time line of basic artistic influences and cultural context.

B.    Motivation: The artist’s intentions and purposes.


III.           Body: Using three art works – early, middle, and late examples – of the artist’s work, describe and analyze his/her use of the following in the three works;


A.   Style

B.    Visual structures and organization

C.   Subject matter

D.   Materials and processes


IV.          Conclusion: What innovations or new ideas did the artist bring to the art world? What and how can you use such his/her characteristics (innovations or new ideas) to teach art to children?

What other artists have been influenced by his/her work?


V.            References/Bibliography


You must reference the following:


*At least one art article found in an art journal or a general newspaper

*At least two books found in the Slide Library, University Library, or other Libraries


VI.       Visual Images (with labels)