Art207: Children’s Art

An Example of Outline of Case Study


Length: minimum 10 pages  as text, double spaced, 12 point font size (Times), and

visual examples (e.g. Pictures, actual artworks, and so on)

*Follow APA(5th Ed.) writing style


1.     Introduction (about 1-2 pages):


1)    Name, age, grade of child.

2)    Personality of the child

3)    Your relationship to child: How do you know him/her?

4)    What adults who know the child well will you be able to talk to?

5)    Focus of your inquiry (goal):


For example …..


- Age, developmentally appropriate?

- Importance of art in child’s life?

- What do you hope to learn from this experience?

- Do adults in child’s life value art?


2.     Observation record (five hours minimum/about 7-10 pages):


1)    How did you spend time with the child to observe and participate in art activities? (At school, at home, at an art museum, at the part, observing spontaneous artwork, etc.)

2)    What kinds of artwork did you ask the child to do (or did the child do)?

3)    Did he/she like or dislike it and why?

4)    What are the characteristics of artwork (describe the child’s artwork)?

5) What was the environment like? (E.g. How was weather? Were

     there people around? )


            For example …….


1)    Journal of the first day (specific date & time)

2)    Journal of the second day

3)    Journal of the third day, the fourth day, and the fifth day …


3.     Conclusion (Interpretation base on developmental theories/about 1-2 pages):


4. References/Bibliography


4.     Visual examples with labels

*Put at end, if visual examples are not attached in texts.