Flying Cup Kites


Art 207–04, Group 2

Angie Genova, Heather Swithenbank, Jeanen Carvalho, Clayton Henderson





Students will learn cultural background of kites. They will also learn to apply different types of material to construct 3D objects.


Student Materials:



Cups (non wax, paper

Markers (assorted colors)


Gift Wrap Ribbon (assorted colors)

Yarn (assorted colors)




Teachers Material:


Large Whole Puncher ½h Diameter

Slide Examples

Overhead Examples

Student Examples

Books on Kites





Kite – a light, usually wooden, typically diamond – shaped framework covered with paper and flown on the wind at the end of a long string. (Ours is a modified version)

Long vs. Short – considerable length vs. relatively small length

Streamer – long narrow piece of fabric attached at one end and put to stream out in the wind




-   Introduce the kite book to the class and discuss the cultural background of kites.

-   Show class slides and overheads of studentfs works.

-   Do a demo for the class

-   Hand out pre prepped (whole punched) cups and decorating materials

-   Have students draw on the cups

-   Pull multiple lengths of streamers and gift wrap through the punched wholes on either end of the cup with the straw. But only on one side.

-   Tie two pieces of yarn for the kite to hang or so you can run with to the opposite side the ribbon and streamers have been pulled through.

Now you have your own kite!!!




Children who are this age are in what they call the symbolic stage. They have muscular coordination. They will be able to decorate the cups easily during this symbolic stage because they can freely and easily decorate the cup. They will be able to use the muscular coordination by streaming the ribbon and streamers through the four wholes on either side of the cup and tying the knots in the yarn to hang the kite from on the opposite side of the cup. The children will need help with the string and ribbon so help them by giving them a straw and help them with tying of the knot. This project would also be great done with a physical science lesson where the kids could take the kites outside and run around with them or you can hang them in the class.