A Message from the Advisor of Single Subject in Art:

Procedures of How to Make an Advising Appointment



gI am excited with my artworks!h


Please follow the procedures below when you make an appointment with the advisor depending on your status and/or requests.


1.      If you have questions regarding GE (General Educational) courses, please contact the following place. I will be able to advise only for the art educational program and the credential program in art.


- Academic Advisors:                   530-898-5712

- Registration Office:                   530-898-4555

- Record Office:                           530-898-5143

- Teacher Preparation Program: 530-898-6421


2.      Check the course catalogue of CSU-Chico first to understand the conditions of BA-art education option (the coursework for the program of art education) before the appointment


3.      If you are a new and/or transfer student, you are welcome to participate in the University Tour and make an appointment with the Department advisor first.


4.      If you are a new and/or transfer student from another school who is applying to the Art Education Program bring copies of all transcripts (unofficial are fine) with you to discuss the appropriate courses that you need to take to successfully complete your degree.


5.      If you are a new and/or transfer student who is applying to the Credential Program, bring copies of all transcripts and your Exit Portfolio to support your application.


*To check the required contents of EXIT Portfolio, click here



6.      Check the available schedule of appointments on the office door (Ayres 125) and sign in. (The schedule varies from week to week.)


7.      Meet with the advisor at least once a semester to make sure that your coursework is on the right track. Together we will also find the best way (or best possible way) to help you succeed in the field of art education.


8.      *If you are a non CSU-Chico student who needs advising (e.g. a waiver letter to apply for a credential program in a school other than CSU, Chico), a special advising fee will be required.
Please contact the advisor (Tel: 530-898-6866 or E-mail: mtoku@csuchico.edu) for the details.



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