Course Syllabus



Instructor: Dr. Masami Toku

Class Hours: 5-6:15 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday at Ayres 120

Office Hours: MW: Noon – 1:30 PM/ TTh: 3-4:00 PM/ or by appointment

Office: Ayres 125 (Phone: 898-6866/E-mail:



Art 04 is designed to develop students’ appreciation of art including observation, articulation, and critical thinking skills through visual arts. Also, this course is designed to fulfill General Education C-1 requirements in the basic study of visual arts, which is to provide student opportunities to develop understanding of human creativity, arts, values, and reasoning. Slide lectures, related readings in the text, films, and museum visits will focus upon visual thinking strategy as a communicative tool. 


(*All students must participate in at least 4 relevant public events or art events)


Course Objectives:


To find your own answers for the questions, “what is art?”  and “what is art for?” based on the following:


·      Critical understanding of visual arts in contemporary society.

·      Examining the elements, principles, and the universal language of art.

·      Examining materials and processes used by artists to critically examine works of art.



Required Textbook available at Bookstore:


Henry M. Sayre (2003). A World of Art. 4rd Ed.

(Visit the website:


(This is on reserve at the limited loan desk in the slide library at Ayres #205)







This course contains a great deal of material that is impossible to make up, so daily attendance is important. Attendance, preparedness and punctuality are considered as a part of your grade. Instead of checking the roll sheet each class, a writing activity will be often/randomly required in class to check students' attendance. These activities earn a maximum of10 points each and there is no make-up for writing activities in class regardless of the reason for your absence.


If you expect to miss a class period due to special conditions (e.g. religious holy days, participation of university events, and so on), let the instructor know within the first two weeks of class for the alternate arrangements for exams and assignments.


* It is student’s responsibility to obtain information and/or notes from the instructor and/or other students if a class is missed.


Class Behavior:


Any class behavior which distracts or undermines an atmosphere conductive to learning  - chatting, sleeping, reading newspapers, and leaving class early or arriving late - will not be tolerated. The instructor reserves the right to regard any student behaving this way as absents for the day.




*50 points:     Exam 1 (multiple choice, true or false, matching, and slide identification)

*50 points:     Exam 2 (multiple choice, true or false, matching, and slide identification)

*50 points:     Exam 3 (multiple choice, true or false, matching, and slide identification)

*50 point:       Exam 4 (multiple choice, true or false, matching, and slide identification)

25 point:         1 critical essay (based on a question in the textbook or others)

25 point:         1 Analytical paper (based on1 relevant public and/or art events)

150 points:     15 review quiz in class (10 pts X 15 + 150 pts)

Extra +- point: Bonus and/or penalty points


*The 3 highest scores out of 4 exams will be selected as your grades!


* Keep an eye on your record since your record will be updated through "My grade." (There is no way to change your grade after the semester is over.)


* Don’t miss exams! (Exams can be made up only when prearranged and accompanied by a letter from your Dean.)



Written assignments:


Unless otherwise specified, all papers must be typed (double-spaced with font 12), proofread, stapled (if over 1 page), and professionally presented (follow the instruction carefully!).


*Late work will also result in a reduction of your grade unless you receive approval in advance.




* All students need to register on the course of WebCT: Art 4 Art Appreciation in the first week!


*Keeps an eye out for announcements on the online of WebCT: Art Appreciation for any schedule changes and important notices!