*Changes in the schedule will be announced in class!

The Concepts of Art: Art-making, Art History, Aesthetics, and Criticism

            Week 1: First day of class: discuss syllabus and class requirements
                            Studio: Observation vs. Memory Drawing
                            Materials: Drawing pencil and paper
Example 1

            Week 2: Discuss "Portfolio" and elements of art: dot and line
                            Studio: Impressionistic Landscape drawing (Monet & Van Gogh)
                            Materials: W.C. or color pencils
Example 2

            Week 3:  Discuss elements of art: line and color
                            Studio: Expressionistic abstract painting (Kandinsky)
                            Materials: Acrylic painting
Example 3

ChildrenÝs Artistic Development: Universality vs. Cultural Specificity

            Week 4:  Discuss the outline of artistic development theory and case study Discuss elements of art: color and value
                            Studio: Glue-printmaking
                            Materials: Glue and printmaking materials
Example 4 (unavailable)

            Week 5:  Discuss elements of art: color and value
                            Studio: Emotional self-portrait (Matisse)
                            Materials: Collage
Example 5

            Week 6:  Discuss elements of art: space (linear and aerial perspectives)
                            Studio:Imaginary world
                            Materials: Mixed media
Example 6 (unavailable)

Multi-culturalism: Cultural Specificity in ChildrenÝs Artistic Development

            Week 7:  Discuss elements of art: texture and pattern
                            Studio: African Mask (Paper mache)
                            Materials: Mixed media
Example 7-1
Example 7-2

Integrating Art into Other Subjects: Education through/in Art

            Week 8: Discuss the relationship between art and music
                            Studio: Musical instrument (Whistle)
                            Materials: Clay
Example 8 (unavailable)

            Week 9:  Discuss the relationship between art and science
                            Studio: Rainmaker
                            Materials: Mixed media
Example 9 (unavailable)

            Week 10: Discuss the relationship between art and social study
                            Studio:  Mexican Yarn Paintings
                            Materials: Collage
Example 10

*Sign-up in a group depending on the age group of interest!

Art Educational Curriculum: Process-centered (Children-centered) vs. Project-centered (Teacher-centered) Art Programs

            Week 10 through Week 12: Discuss and make lesson plan in each group in/outside of the class

                            Demonstration group 1 (Kindergarten)
                            Demonstration group 2 (1st and 2nd graders)
                            Demonstration group 3 (1st and 2nd graders)
                            Demonstration group 4 (3rd and 4th graders)
                            Demonstration group 5 (5th and 6th graders)
                            Demonstration group 6 (7th and 8th graders)

National Standard in Art Education: National and State Goal

            Week 13:  Review the process of teaching in class
                               Discuss the national and state standards in art education
                            Studio: Book-making
                            Materials: Collage and mix-media
Example (unavailable)

            Week 14: Catch-up week

            Week 15: Presentation of final projects (case study or alternative project)

*Final projects (Portfolio, case study, and others) due: the last day of class

            Week 16: Final exam days