Main Assignments :

Studio assignments:

At least 5 to 7 different kinds of studio projects will be given to develop your artistic skills. All projects have to be completed by the due date, under the guidelines given to you in the classroom. Unfinished assignments will not be graded, no matter how attractive. If it is difficult to finish during class, open lab hours will be available to complete any projects outside of class time. (Check the available open hours).

* It is also students responsibility to prepare and clean up materials and classroom when used.

Research paper on multiculturalism (based on the issue of DBAE: Discipline-based Art Education)

*The details will be announced later.

Teachers Resource Binder (Final project):

In the portfolio, the description of each assignment, visual supplements (photo, slide, or the actual artwork), written assignments, and all handouts will be bound attractively as a resource binder for your future teaching.

Web-Portfolio (Teachers homepages):

*The details will be announced later.

* Unless otherwise specified, all papers must be typed (double-spaced), proofread, stapled (if over one page), and professionally presented (follow the instructions carefully).

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