Nature of Art and Language of Art:

Week 1:  

Week 2:                     
Continue to discuss gLanguage of Arth

             Studio: Impressionistic portrait with dots

             Materials: Color makers (R.B.Y)

            Example 2

Artistic Development in Adolescence: Universality vs. Cultural Specificity

Week 3 & 4: 

           Studio:  Still-life with the concept of Cubism

              Materials:  Watercolor

             Example 3

The History of Art Education in the U.S.A:

Discipline-based Art Education (Art-making, Art History, Aesthetics, and Criticism)

Week 5:                     

Studio: Emotional self-portrait with the concept of Fauvism

Materials: Collage

Example 4

Multi-cultural ism in Art Education: Modernism vs. Post-Modernism

Week 6 & 7:       

Studio: Personal story board with the concept of Pop-art

Materials: Pen and Ink

Example 5

Week 8:

Studio:  Mexican Yarn Painting or Native American's sand painting

Materials:  Mixed media

Example 6

Week 9:

Studio:  Stained glass

Materials: Stained glass

Philosophy of Art: Role of Art Education and Role of Art Teacher

Week 10 & 11:          
Workshop for creating web page of art educational portfolio
(Workshop and catch-up day)

Week 12:

Studio: Create an art lesson plan and examples related to the mid-term paper of multiculturalism for your presentation

Week 13 – 15:           
Presentation the paper and demonstrate the lesson plan
(3-4 students/each day)

Example 7

Week 16:                   
Final exam week (the day of final exam will be noticed later)