Course Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Masami Toku
Class Hours: Please see the class schedule
Office Hours: Please contact the main office (Phone: 530-898-5331)
Office: Ayres 125
Phone: 530-898-6866
Prerequisite: Art207 or permission of instructor
Material Fee: Please see the class schedule

Art 208 is designed to provide art majors and others with a philosophical and practical basis to develop, teach, and evaluate art curricula appropriate for secondary learners (10 – 12th Grade). Lecture, discussion, and class activities will focus upon the role of art in adolescentfs lives and the role of art teacher in nurturing artistic expression and aesthetic sensitivity.


· To understand the nature of artistic development.
·  To understand the role of art in adolescentsf lives.
·  To understand the role of the art teacher in secondary school.
·  To understand the role of art education in secondary school.
· To develop diverse studio skills appropriate to teaching art in secondary school.
· To develop historical/cultural art appreciation components for each studiofs activity.
· To develop strategies for teaching art criticism and appreciation in secondary school.
· To develop strategies for integrating art into the secondary school curriculum.
·  To develop a teaching philosophy of art and a portfolio of well-crafted examples that can be adapted to a variety of secondary grade levels as a teacherfs resource.

Required Textbooks:

1. Masami Toku (2001). A course pocket of Art 208: Development of Adolescent Art
2. Glanville, B., Vela, E., and Zappettini, k. (2001). A handout of "Format and Style Guide for Student Papers" 

Recommended Textbooks:

Reading assignments will be announced.
Reading list is available at Resource Room at Ayres Hall 205

Required Materials:

1.      One 100 MB Zip disk (MAC Formatted)
2.      One floppy disk (MAC Formatted)
3.      One binder (at least 1 1/2 inch)



This course contains a great deal of material that is impossible to make up, so daily attendance is important. Attendance, preparedness and punctuality are considered as a part of your professional development. More than 3 absences will result in a reduction of your grade (e.g. A to A-). Late arrival/early departures will also affect your grade.

If you expect to miss a class period due to special conditions (e.g. religious holy days, participation in university events, and so on), let the instructor know within the first two weeks of class for the alternate arrangements for assignments.

* It is the studentfs responsibility to get information before the next class to catch up with the schedule if a class is missed.

Professional Development:

Teaching is a demanding field. It requires a professional ethic that embraces a rapid pace, challenging work, problem solving skills, and a willingness to go beyond minimum requirements. Research on pedagogy provides consensus on those teaching behaviors and characteristics that constitute excellence in the teaching profession.

They include the following:

1)      adequate planning, organization, and evaluation of curricular programs,
2)      good classroom management skills,
3)      efficient use of instructional time,
4)      knowledge of subject matter,
5)      effective and useful communication; clarity of presentation,
6)      appropriate evaluation of student learning.


20 %: Teacher's Resource Binder (Exit portfolio) including lesson plans and visual supplements (or Web-portfolio:Web-homepage of teacherfs resources)

+-Extra points: Professional development (attendance, preparedness, punctuality, participation, etc.

Studio work will be evaluated on the basis of craftsmanship, originality, and demonstrated understanding of the theories of childrenfs artistic development and the issues involved. Going beyond the minimum requirements is the mark of an excellent student, and will be reflected in your final grade.

Main Assignments:
(the details will be discussed later):

Studio assignments:

At least 5 – 7 different kinds of studio projects will be given to develop your artistic skills. All projects have to be completed based on the instruction by the due date. Unfinished assignments will not be graded no matter how attractive. If it is difficult to finish during class, open hours will be available to complete them outside of class time. (Check the available open hours).

* It is also studentfs responsibility to prepare and clean up materials and classroom when used.

Research paper on multiculturalism(based on the issue of DBAE: Discipline-based Art Education): *The details will be announced later.

Teacherfs Resource Binder

(Exit Portfolio:

In the portfolio, the description of each assignment (lesson plan), the visual supplements (photo, slide, and/ or the actual artwork), written assignments, and all handouts will be bound attractively as a resource binder for your future teaching.

Web-Portfolio (Teacherfs homepages): The details will be announced later.

In the Web-portfolio, the description of each assignment (lesson plan), the visual supplements (scanned from photo, slide, and/ or the actual artwork), written assignments including mid-term paper, and others will be organized attractively as a resource for your future teaching.

*Unless otherwise specified, all papers must be typed (double-spaced), proofread, stapled (if over one page), and professionally presented (follow the instruction carefully).