Your contribution are welcome! If you are interested in contributing to the Journal of Visual Cultural Research, please check the following procedure.

  • Acceptable topics: all topics related to popular and visual cultures are welcome!
  • Category: Please describe your paper as either
    1. Research
    2. Critique
    3. Essay
    4. References
    5. Visual Images
  • Font & Length: Times/12. around 3,000 - 5,000 words (not including notes, references, and visual images) the length is negotiable!
  • Visual Images: Each image size should be 72 resolution (not to exceed 640 x 480). All information (including text and visuals should not be more than 1 MB per send.
  • Image placement: Place all images and tables in a seperate file. Use "insert photo 1 here" or "table 1 here" within text.
  • Copyright: You must have copyright releases for all images. If the visual images do not belong to the author, a copyright release (permission) should be obtained from the copyright holder.
  • If you have a publiched paper with content similar to the submitted paper, please include the title of the paper, the name of publication, the year and the publisher with your submission.
  • E-mail to: Masami Toku
  • Send to:
    Masami Toku. Ed.D.
    Dept. of Art and Art History
    California State University, Chico
    CA, 95928-0820 USA

If you have any questions about your paper and others, please don't hesitate to contact the editor. Dr. Toku.