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Cross-cultural Analysis of Artistic Development: Drawing by Japanese and U.S. Children

Spatial Treatment in Children¹s Drawings: Why do Japanese children draw in particular ways?

Influence of Pop-culture in Children's Art: Possibilities of implementing manga in art educational curricula

What is Manga?: The Influence of Pop-culture in Adolescent Art

The Role of Art Education as an Independent and Interrelated Subject:Facing the Crisis of Art Education in Japan

Other Related Art Reasearch

Comics in Thailand and Indonesia by Natsume, Fusanosuke

Re-imagining traditions of art education and educational reform in Japan by Dr. Wenchun WANG
/ Considering the extent of the approach of art appreciation in Integrated Study by Dr. Kazuhiro ISHIZAKI

Cultural Symposium "The Re-imaging Traditions of Art Education and Educational Reform in Japan" by Masami Toku

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